Lidetu Ayalew is a very shrewd, articulate and pragmatic politician with a tinge Medrek ought to be brave and take a leaf out of Lidetu’s book;. Time Revealed the Truth about Lidetu Ayalew . Lidetu is the only Ethiopian ever who wrote two books in less than 5 years, as the Chairman of. Lidetu Ayalew: Adjustment and Change Never Changed. his perceived character assassination through his books Yearem Ersha and Medlot.

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In any case, reinforcing the struggle in a sustainable way is more important than my personal feelings. Unless all these issues are addressed, the interference will remain. So, they had to call themselves developmental. Yes, the ruling party fares better in its effort to realize what it preaches about development. Lidetu referred to Hailu Shawil as a tyrant, labeled Kinijit a liedtu party and still managed to profess his undying devotion to the release of all the leaders.

He concluded that both the old politicians of the ruling ahalew and various opposition parties have been clearly ineffective and inflexible. But, the issue should be about having the mechanism the constitutional mechanism to address the concerns. That has affected not only the past but also oidetu present.

I think this article is pretty good despite pointing out fingers to writers like Eskinder Nega.

Ethiopia: Interview with Lidetu Ayalew (Reporter)

Also the change they wanted was solely regime change. Election should be the only avenue to assume power.

In your book, you have stated that hearsay is more directed to you than your party. EDP is the only Ethiopian political party with such relaxed regulation despite other party presidents who monopolize power for decades.

This is manifested in the two recent decisions one, the reversal of the Addis Ababa-Oromia integrated master plan and the other the recent decision to suspend traffic regulation following uproar by taxi drivers.

Interview with Lidetu Ayalew – Pt I

Opinions published on this site are those of the authors and not necessarily those of Tigrai Online. We were determined to resolve the problem with deliberations. Lidetu has now been vindicated beyond a lideetu of a doubt; his party is going from strength to strength, where lifetu his previous collaborators have petered out; and it is just a matter of time before EDP becomes a strong and real challenger for power. If we take the case of the South Region, we have 46 ethnic groups mashed together to form the regional state.


That has been construed as an indication that you have not recovered from the defeat of the elections and a sign of frustration in the system. He also discusses the big gap in the thinking between Ethiopian politicians from the s and early s as compared to politicians from s and 21st century.

And yet he was not accused of betrayal as much as Lidetu was for doing the same thing. Before the EPRDF assumed power, there was a massive propaganda that labeled it as a force that wants to weaken and disintegrate the country. The security apparatus is important but what EPRDF should truly rely on is the politics of national consensus and tolerance.

Some parties have not accepted this reality and complain to the international community as if the ruling party were destroying the nation.

All the sacrifices that were paid for justice, democracy, the rule of law, equality of nations and nationalites would have ayapew in vain.

As any writer he may be dedicated to write stories which tell us what he looks on his side. I think this is one of the issues which should have been considered while drafting the constitution. After the Ethiopian General Election, Lidetu left the Federal parliament as he did not win a seat. If the statement is indeed the formal stance of the party then it could be construed as a paradigm shift and that we all have xyalew debate on the matter. Hence, their influence in politics at home is huge although they may not be as influential as they were in the past.

Lidetu’s take on good governance | The Reporter Ethiopia

There should be no place for uncivilised politics in our country in this day and age. His boss, the Eritrean dictator, is not exactly ecstatic about it as his huge investments are not paying dividends.

We have to understand the source of political extremism first. I think such forces will always be there. We have not yet seen the last of the ultra chauvinists that desperately want to take us back to the bad old days which placed our country at the bottom of the world heap. His party is also known for starting a new movement called “the Third Way. You still see the strong suspicion between one another and we have seen it erupt from time to time.


The good doctor has insignificant support at home, and he is in dire financial predicaments owing to the dwindling flow of funds from Esayass and his ever decreasing toxic Diaspora members.

He has very limited following and his credibility is in tatters, and yet, the old man is foolishly and painfully exerting himself to punch above his weight.

His mastery of politics appears to lack depth if one has to judge him by his performance at the last parliament and the party political debates that were held during the last general election. CUD was a coalition formed without properly examining the pros and cons of joining forces and pressured by the perceived ayaew of coalitions.

I will leave that for the historians for now, but how is it that the EPRDF, an organization that lacks popular support, has been able to rule Ethiopia for nearly fifteen years? During this interview, Mr. But what the opposition camp wants is for the regime to be wiped out to establish a new system, draft a new constitution, set up a transitional government.

What have you been up to? Do you see a uniform approach when it comes to the stand of the sparty on these matters? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Bookk. Yes he suffered but finally won, thank God the Almighty who kept him safe thru the last 4 years.

On the one hand, this election result reflected that plurality of view has lost any footing in the Ethiopian political system.

Ethiopia: Interview with Lidetu Ayalew (Reporter) – EDP

So the timing was not our choice. It is wrong to give up when you lose elections. And the society, new to democratic culture and the press, takes whatever the media says as fact. It had good track records in development but not so much lidet democracy. This article contains Ethiopic text. For instance, regarding the recent unrest, some political parties without fully appreciating what the causes and consequences of this conflict were, they have shown tendencies boook fuel the situation on the ground; and this is quite wrong.

Neither could they boldly claim that development, as opposed to democracy, should come first.