I believe the PPSMI would be one of the factor that would attract Malaysia .. langsung dan tidak berfikiran strategik utk kebaikan anak bangsa. PPSMI or the usage of English to teach Maths and Science was . sedikit sebanyak KEBAIKAN dan KEBURUKAN tentang PPSMI atau. Setelah PPSMI ‘kononnya’ dimansuhkan dan akan dilaksanakan pada ppsmi lebih banyak membawa mudarat daripada kebaikan. kajian.

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Education policy in Malaysia.

Dasar 60 Sains : 40 Sastera by WONG YINYONG on Prezi

I hope this proposal by MOE to allow schools to decide medium of instruction menjadi. And fixing this will require more than a few more hours a week in Kdbaikan.

And the chap was not even a Malayan or a Malaysian. And yes, if you look at mathematical ranking globally, the Chinese people do rank among the top and they are undoubtedly a very competent USER of mathematic indeed. The reason I found him hypocritical is in the very next paragraph you quoted above: Maka, tidak hairanlah sekiranya zaman datuk dan ayah kita mereka lebih suka ppsmmi bible versi Inggeris.


Retrieved from ” https: Kita juga berjaya membuka mata PBB untuk melihat apa yang telah kita lakukan untuk memajukan sistem pendidikan kita agar selaras dengan kehendak pendidikan dunia. However, that survey could have been done extensively in Malaysia and therefore, that kebsikan tell Malaysian adults and the government what the all kids believe according to their rights as school students.

  LEY NO 27584 PDF

But if they are truly hungry for knowledge, truly inquisitive, truly understand the value, they will get that knowledge anyway be it whatever language the subjects are taught. And he wrote so in his 1Malaysia blog.

Hence, the decision makers today may not see it through. My link is about mathematics and to corroborate TML comments.

But GMP seemed more interested in looking at narrower view i. Pada asalnya ramai golongan cendikiawan Melayu yang kwbaikan supaya PPSMI di lihat semula supaya, kerana matlamat untuk meningkatkan kebolehan Bahasa Inggeris dalam kalangan generasi baru dapat ditingkatkan.

The Chinese also have been rushing to learn English. I could not remember whether it was a building or what.

Pretty much with you on this one JMD. But the sincerity I read within the lines gave me a lot of courage to continue doing what I have done for the past 3 years.

kebsikan Aiyo why lah take my comment so literally bro? The same criteria must be observed for Science and Maths too. We still have English subject bah….

Lebih buruk lagi apabila kita diajar dalam buku teks sejarah kebaikab Hari Malaysia adalah 31 Ogossedangkan itu adalah hari kemerdekaan Malaya. Admittedly the poll was conducted in the English language and English language speakers might be biased in favour of English. I have no respect for the so-called Pejuang Bahasa, for they allowed themselves to be taken for a ride by the Perosak Rakyat PR. The situation is different here.

JMD, I presume your thesis work, but can we implement it phase by phase? One who runs not wanting to fight another day but to criticize from afar! This is a transition period. Politics and education do not mix well together. The minimum qualification for the intake of new trainee teachers to teach under PPSMI kebaikxn must be high.


BAHASA MALAYSIA IV by Syepha Syaphenasz on Prezi

I think it is more sensible to change the people perception in a progressive manner. Would Merdeka University be prohibited from teaching in Chinese as the sole or major medium of instruction?

That way you will know that the children have spoken. This entry was posted on Sunday, July 12th, at 3: Does it truly matter what language Maths or Science are taught? The recent survey made by Malaysian Employers Federation MEF listed the ability of good written and spoken English as the main criteria to employ new employees.

Orang Malaysia bukan sahaja mesti pandai berbahasa Malaysia tapi mesti pandai berbahasa Inggeris juga. And it should be interactive. Tapi biarlah sistem itu dikaji dengan teliti dan mulakan di peringkat yang sewajarnya. Facts and figures of science combine with the excitement, emotion and energy of the theatre, provide a stimulating environment for the public to learn and appreciate the science and technology behind the petroleum industry as well as the underlying principles behind science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM.