H.P. Lovecraft Reread Today we’re looking at “The Rats in the Walls,” written in August-September , and first published in the March. The Rats in the Walls has ratings and reviews. Lyn said: H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker and Robert E. Howard sit in the afterworl. If you’re a fan of Renovation Rescue or Extreme Makeover and think you’ve seen some horror stories, you might consider The Rats In The.

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Shall a Norrys hold the lands of a de la Poer? Norrys and I, by the light of lanterns, tried to interpret the odd and nearly effaced designs on certain irregularly rectangular blocks of stone generally held to be altars, but could make nothing of them. The narrator of The Rats in the Wallsas usual with Lovecraft, tells his experience in the first person.

This is not so much a criticism, as it is a rea Huh. We could for the moment do nothing but watch the old black cat as he pawed with decreasing fervour at the base of the altar, occasionally looking up and mewing to me in that persuasive manner which he used when he wished me to perform some favour for him.

Norrys, who had not slept, laughed considerably. Couches were brought down by the servants, who were told not to mind any nocturnal actions of the cats, and Nigger—Man was admitted as much for help as for companionship. With this sole heir denounced as a murderer, the estate had reverted to the crown, nor had the accused man made any attempt to exculpate himself or regain his property. This I truly believed, and when the fellow suggested the presence of mice or rats, I mentioned that there had been no rats there for three hundred years, and that even the field mice of the surrounding country could hardly be found in these high walls, where they had never been known to stray.

Having grasped to some slight degree the frightful revelations of this twilit area—an area so hideously foreshadowed by my recurrent dream—we turned to that apparently boundless depth of midnight cavern where no ray of light from the cliff could penetrate.


The accounts of vanished peasants were less to be dismissed, though not especially significant in view of mediaeval custom. The skulls denoted nothing short of utter idiocy, cretinism, or primitive semi-apedom.

The Rats in the Walls

I felt the lightning bolt when he reveals what’s actually the cause of animal sounds and the house’s past, not yet the story continues to deceive you with the narrative and finally leaves you with the title uttered again and again. Indeed, there was much to listen to, for beyond the closed door at the head of the stone steps was a veritable nightmare of feline yelling and clawing, whilst Nigger-Man, unmindful of his kindred outside, was running excitedly around the bare stone walls, in which I heard the lovecrqft babel of scurrying rats that had troubled me the night before.

I realize how trite this sounds — like the inevitable dog in the ghost story, which always growls before his master sees the sheeted figure — yet I cannot consistently suppress it.

Now on to Hell House by Richard Matherson, however you spell that one.

He found nothing, and after a time returned wearily to his place across my feet. From this terrific vision I was abruptly awakened by the motions of Nigger—Man, who had been sleeping as usual across my feet. HOWEVER, copyright law varies in other countries, and the work may still be under tue in the country from which you are accessing this website.

The Rats In The Walls by H.P. Lovecraft

And when I turned to call their attention to the sounds in the panels, I realized that the noise had ceased. This literary connection became reflected in each lovedraft adding aspects from the other’s works to their own tales and Howard is considered one of the more prolific of the original Cthulhu Mythos authors. For five days our routine proceeded with the utmost placidity, my time being spent mostly in the codification of old family data.

There was now no aurora to shew the state of the arras—the fallen section llovecraft which had been replaced—but I was not too frightened to switch on the light.

The Rats in the Walls / H.P. Lovecraft

Page Last Revised 20 August When I speak of poor Norrys ratd accuse me of a hideous thing, but they must know that I did not do it. Lovecraft Historical Society Necronomicon Lovecraft: During the two years that he lived I thought of nothing but his care, having even placed my business under the direction of partners.


A man lives in an ancient house haunted by the sound of nocturnal rats. In the late morning the seven men take powerful electric searchlights and excavation tools down to the sub-cellar and bolt the door behind them. This cat had howled at some unknown hour of the night, awaking the cook in time for her to see him dart purposefully out of the open door down the stairs. I feel like the man should have been born in the year and gotten a job writing lore for video games instead of writing short stories.

The fact that ‘this deliberate slaughter, which included a father, three brothers, and two sisters, was largely condoned by the villagers’ should have told him something. Norrys might have laughed more — or perhaps less — had he known what it was that made me scream. Moved review to the individual work Sept.

“The Rats in the Walls” by H. P. Lovecraft

We were genuinely perplexed at the presence of rats, and Norrys lent me some traps and Paris green, which I had the servants place in strategic localities when I returned. One of the doctors opens up a grave and notes that the skulls are somewhere between human and ape.

I think this is one of my best stories. Lovecraft is a very precise writer. I asked them if they had heard the rats, but they replied in the negative. These rats, if not the creatures of a madness which I shared with the cats alone, must be burrowing and lovecrqft in Roman walls I had thought to be of solid limestone blocks. But one particular feature of this story is its constant intertextuality, especially in the literature of depravity lobecraft decay: