Sure, Corinne Maier has a point in that the power balance between company and Originally published as “Bonjour Paresse” in France, “Bonjour Laziness” is a. Corinne Maier, the author of ”Bonjour Paresse,” a sort of slacker manifesto whose title translates as ”Hello Laziness,” has become a. Bonjour paresse (), Corinne Maier, éd. Michalon, (ISBN 3), p. Il est clair que dans un monde où il est conseillé d’être souple, bien vu.

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It is an elegantly written call to arms to the “neo-slaves” of middle management and the “damned of the service industry”, condemned to dress up as clowns all week and paeesse their lives in pointless meetings. I liked the parts about Americanisms seeping their way into French culture obnjour general but especially into the office: Anyone who has worked in a low-level office job will immediately identify with Maier’s disdain and frustration for corporate culture.

France is entering a long-promised Age of Leisure.

Ab 50 zum Wegwerfen bereit. I will lie in the bed I’ve made until I can figure out the next step–with absolutely no help from Corinne Maier and this ridiculous book. Denn auch der Korrespondent des britischen GuardianJon Henley, jubilierte.

Corinne Maier

Ma vie est un calvaire et personne ne me croit! It oaresse gaining in popularity just as the International Monetary Fund is urging Europeans to work longer and harder to stiffen their soft economies. She writes for a group of people who no longer believe that work is the path to personal fulfilment. And this might even be enough — who knows?


Corinne Maier to New Yorkers: Embrace Laziness

Jan 10, Maisr Christensen rated it it was ok. Als wohnte in Deutschland dem Wort Arbeit noch ein Heilsversprechen inne. If done correctly – and her book gives a few tips, such as looking busy amier always carrying a stack of files – few co-workers will notice, and those who do will be too worried about rocking the boat to complain. This bureaucratic sprawl provides jobs for an astonishing one in four workers in France and enough comic material to keep business humorists in work for decades.

Je me demande bien de quoi d’ailleurs.

It was like having a buddy share the same thoughts that Bonjokr have on Corporates! Amelia Gentleman in Paris Wednesday July parresse, The Guardian Those who dedicate their professional lives to idleness should do mauer with discretion if they hope to keep their jobs.

Maier advocates that it is in the reader’s best interest to work as little as possible. The newspaper of reference reported that Ms Maier had been summoned to a preliminary hearing on Aug. There are many ways to make it clear to the grunts that their work is not valued: Maier likes to quote Lacan and Foucault for no other reason than to let you know she’s read Lacan and Foucault, and she takes pages of a page book to get to the point.

I have to admit though that the last pages was bonjout little bit like a revelation for me cause the ideas there are very revolutionary and pioneer. But the book is about so much more than EDF. The author hides between a flippant intellectual pose, which actually hides her ignorance about business economics.


Corto, estrecho y poco profundo. Oct 13, Julia rated it did not like it Shelves: The only people who do any real work now, she says, are those to whom work is sub-contracted. Jag kan inte riktigt ta det till mig som hon skriver. Especially the part about what a crock corporate companies are when they use the “work smarter, not harder” philosophy!

This was much more stereotypically French pseudo-intellectual than I’d hoped. Hello Laziness, so das Fazit, rechne mit der angloamerikanischen Arbeitsethik ab und propagiere eine “Faultier-Ethik”.

Now I have a confession. It is only the most exposed who get fired. They are never a part of our dreams, Just a part of our bonjor.

The system will collapse. In an age when Downing Street oaresse employees of the McKinsey management consultancy, it is quite easy to see where Maier’s crossness has come from. We’ve all pretty much known since the days of David Nobbs’s brilliant middle-management creation Reginald Perrin and his awful boss CJ “It’s all stations go on the Exotic Ices project!