Altera FLEX Logic Array Block Altera FLEX Carry Chain. (Example: n-bit adder). Figure from. Altera . FLEX 10K chip contains 72– LABs. ALTERA FLEX 10K SERIES CPLDs NOTES. ?id= 0B0p4VmLqkbgdaW5DalFpSldZeE0. Posted by sanju sonu at. CPLD. Each logic block is similar to a. 22V Programmable interconnect matrix. . SSTL – Stub Series-Terminate Logic Altera Flex 10K FPGA Family (cont).

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Logic capacity cussed so far, the functionality of the AND plane, a product term allocator, ranges from about 1, to 4, gates, series is most serles to that of the and macrocells. However, a major sfries be- a four-input lookup table, a flip-flop, shown in Figure 22 on the next page, tween Flex and Xilinx chips is that and special-purpose carry circuitry for each logic array block contains local in- FastTrack consists only of long lines, arithmetic circuits similar to the Xilinx terconnection, and each local wire can making the Flex easy for CAD tools XC Such software unit to configure an SPLD.

The global routing and pin-to-pin delays are 10 ns.

Each multiplexer produces a even make it possible to reconfigure ming nonvolatile by writing the SRAM logic cell output, either registered or hardware for example, change a pro- cell contents back to the EPROM cells. When such PROMs are thus inefficient for real- applications of each type of circuits are destined for high-vol- izing logic circuits, so designers ume systems, designers integrate device.


B1 OZ tion and map circuits for hardware em- 2. Altera function unit input. MaxFigure 9. We focus on the series because of its wide use and state- of-the-art logic capacity and speed per- tecture of the Altera Max series.

A textbook-like treatment, in- multiplexer-based logic block. All interconnects pass 2, gates. AMD Mach 4 structure. The figure shows the connection programmed.

With this rower logic resources. E1 1 E2 ing the programmable parts to execute 3.

The difficulty xeries increas- to as mask-programmable gate arrays. Thus, we can refer to logic capacity as the els of configurable logic; programma- number of two-input NAND gates. Since all connections set of programmable product terms which can have up to 15 extra product travel through the same path, circuit part of an AND plane that feeds an OR terms from macrocells in the same log- timing delays are predictable.

The chip that could implement logic cir- gration chips containing basic authors describe the three main cuits was the programmable read- gates, virtually every digital design only memory PROMin which categories of FPDs: Discus- and filtering, small- to medium-size sys- tal circuits.

For higher density pin-to-pin speed performance.

FPGA and CPLD Architectures: A Tutorial | Mohammad Ali Mirzaei –

We do not use this term here. Actel Act 3 logic module. To choose a product, de- a programmable, wired-AND plane fol- totypes and many production designs signers face the daunting task of re- lowed by a programmable, wired OR now use FPDs.

The figure shows only the wire seg- ments in a horizontal channel—not the vertical routing channels, CLB inputs Logic array block 8 logic elements and outputs, and the routing switches. A lookup table is a 1-bit-wide mem- F2 ory array; the memory address lines are F1 E R logic block inputs, and the 1-bit mem- VCC ory output is the lookup table output.


An interesting cples Designs often partition naturally into grammable, electrically-erasable logic ture of the logic cell is that the flip-flop the SPLD-like blocks in a CPLD, pro- Arrays are large PLAs that include logic clock, preset, and clear are full sum-of- ducing more predictable speed perfor- macrocells with flop-flops and feed- product logic functions.

Many other SPLD products are avail- able from a wide array of companies.

Simulation verifies cor- est data sheets. This is true complex programmable logic inputs and data lines as outputs. Quicklogic pASIC logic cell. Wide Web at http: Therefore, most pro- choose from.

FLEX 10K Device Block Diagram

Lookup DQ table Figure Both tional gate array. Whether an tifuse structure.

It has 16 outputs and a total of 34 ent. Finite state machines are an ex- the SRAM cells with a copy of the non- cause they exemplify PLA-based rather cellent example of this class of circuits. Xilinx also Clock has announced a new CPLD family, the Data out XC, which will offer in-circuit pro- b c grammability with 5-ns pin-to-pin delays and up to 6, logic gates.

They are also quite and FPGAs.